We want to continue building a better portfolio for our company, Reyven Designs, so we're starting a commission area.

~Aesthetic13 Reyven Custom Art Commissions~

Welcome! For those who want us to do custom traditional art for them!

4-12-09 Open

How to Commission:
Send us an e-mail or a NOTE on our deviantart with this form filled out; we will reply as soon as possible:

-Specific Request of What You Want Drawn:
-Type (Realistic portrait, fully body portrait, etc):
-Style (Fully colored or shaded or just lineart):
-Background or no Background (if so, what of?):
-References (if you have some):
-Other(Anything else you want to mention):

Once you have commission, there can be NO canceling under ANY circumstance because it'll be really annoying on dropped orders.

Payment Forms:
For now, ONLY Paypal, through Paypal balance or bank transfer (We will give you our paypal address after we show you a sketch of the drawing)

What You Get: A high quality digital image for yours to keep, scanned directly from the custom drawing. I will upload it in PNG form. We currently cannot mail the actual artwork. (T_T) *kicks printer*

[EDIT]A second option would be for me to upload the artwork on our Deviantart and giving it as a print for you to purchase from there. If you want this option, feel free to tell me in your note or email to me. If you choose this option, you'll already be paying for my art services by buying through there. We will notify you in reply to your note of the paying methods and how it works out.

Pricing (Currently negotiable, depending on details):

Mixed Media (Inked and Watercolored: )
- Realistic Portrait (Pencil Only on Request)(Examples: 1) : $5
-Full Body Portrait (& BG?) (Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): $15
-Half Body/Bust Shot Portrait (Examples: 1): $5
-Mixed Image (Examples: 1, 2): $10

If you want just the line art/sketched versions, then those will cost $5 less than the actual colored drawings.
-Realistic Portrait Pencil Sketch: (Example: 1, 2) $10
-Full Body Portrait Lineart/Sketch: $3
-Half Body/Bust Shot Portrait Lineart/Sketch: $3
(Example of lineart: 1, 2, 3)

More Examples on our Deviantart: []

What We Will Not Draw: Wecurrently don't want to draw animals or anthro type of artwork, they're not really our forte. And we currently don't want to do digital CG drawings as we did before because they take a bit of time on our part, we do traditional drawings quicker, so please don't request those. But otherwise, we're pretty open on drawing anything since we like to learn. If we can't draw it, then we tell you. ^^;;

What I Will Be Especially Happy To Draw: We would like to capture characters of those who would like to see them draw from my style. We will be especially happy to draw jrockers and visual kei style, like Versailles Philharmonic Quintet.

Materials I Use: All artwork will be drawn on quality brand bristol artist paper (my favorite). We use watercolors and acrylics to color my works and Prismacolor and Staedtler liners to outline sketches. Traditional pencil sketches will be drawn with #2 pencils and an array of mechanical pencils.

Slots: (We will currently work on only 5 at a time, others will have to wait a bit if these slots are filled. When your name is listed, we will immediately work on them asap.)


Timing: We will inform you once the artwork is done and will immediately post it. Most of the time, artwork will be finished in 1-2 weeks after ordering, depending on the work load we have at the moment. If something comes up that causes a delay on the creation of your artwork, we will notify you and explain the problem in this entry.
This is a learning experience for me, so we'll do my best to fulfill your needs!



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