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Reyven Enterprises, Inc.-made up of two companies, Reyven Designs and Reyven Computers-is a fully incorporated business that finds passion in beauty, aesthetics, and appreciation of the arts.

Understanding that the world we live in isn't perfect, but strange, we try to expand our borders and spread our ideas through our designs, artworks, and adornments. This company was made in the year 2006 in the United States.

We specialize in several fields, such as making graphics/t-shirt graphics, BJD faceups, making freelance website layouts, artwork, customized top hats, buttons, bows, brooches, handmade plushies, handmade jewerly, and handmade t-shirt designs. We also sell some artwork that we make as prints and some books. More products and designs on their way!

We hope you'll find something you like!

We will be updating our layout and producing new designs soon.



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